Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi. Affiliation No. 130626. | Admissions in progress for 2021-22.
Virtual learning for the acedemic year 2021-2022 for all classes from LKG to IX begins from 11.06.2021

Virtual learning for the academic year 2021-2022 for all classes from LKG to IX begins from 11.06.2021

Welcome to
Chitturi High School

The best place to start learning life, nature, and values. Our school hallways are surrounded by people who always care for you. We are figuring out many successful smiles that are going to be witnessing this year. Nothing is more fun than school life until children love the environment that enriches the chances of a learning standard. The pedagogy used by our teachers enhances the exposure of your child. Here classes are wholly equipped and excited to see you walking through the classroom doors. Our playground is excited to share your achievements & add them to its future history, labs are eager to see your experiments, but be careful! We are very excited to see you here! Aren't you?

“ We welcome you to the school of happiness and learning. ” Thank you!

Vision & Values

Chitturi High School is a dynamic community that is passionate about “learning for life”. We nurture independent, creative and collaborative learners. Curiosity and innovation motivate to excel individually and collectively. Learning within and beyond, engaging and challenging learning experience through Reflective, an innovative and contemporary practice makes to stand on the high line.

SKPVV Hindu High Schools

  Basic Details:

        Name of society running the school     :     SKPVV HINDU HIGH SCHOOLS COMMITTEE

        Society Registration No.                       :      684/1993

        Registration date                                   :      04-12-1993

        School name                                         :      CHITTURI HIGH SCHOOL

        Affiliation no.                                          :      130626

        School code                                           :      56289

        School phone no.s                                 :      0866 2577217, 2577281

        Mobile no.s                                            :      6300291909, 9347322434

        Valid upto                                               :      2024


I can say this is one of the best schools in Vijayawada. Good management, huge campus & great caring at children. The infrastructure is excellent and maintained well. If you compare with other corporate schools, here it is very reasonable & minor charges with more facilities. Children are delighted with curricular & co-curricular activities along with education, which is also very important in student life.
Our kid is doing good in both academics and sports. He is loving the environment and play area, which is helping him to concentrate more on studies. Here at CPS, Children won’t be missing home because the management is creating a friendly environment in the school by including the curriculum with games and practical learning.


Early learning

Our early year program offers “A Rich, Challenging and Stimulating Curriculum Designed To Generate An Enthusiasm For Learning And Value It As A Life-Long Process.”

Primary School

Primary education in Holistic methodology provides a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills which they will use throughout their lives.

High School

Our curriculum is intended to provide loads of potential from Primary school that leads to tertiary education. The first stage of secondary education built on fundamentals.

Skill Development

Our activities are designed to make the abilities of the student more stronger and allow the student to discover themselves. We believe that self-discovery is the primary tool.

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We always wish to showcase the environment of the school for parents and children. Kindly check below for information regarding campus visits.

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Chitturi High School provides excellence through holistic education for students from kindergarten to class 8.