With the wide spread of Pandemic the new academic year took a u –turn in history of education.CPS was one among the schools in the town which marched a stepping path towards Virtual Learning.Many Interactive and Social Platforms  could not  meet l the need of the hour.CPS in association with CODE TANTRA entered onto the platform

To focal the movement of Women’s Right – International Women’s Day was celebrated at CPS with great enthusiasm by CPS staff and honoured all the Women’s .Women’s Day Activities were  pioneered  by CPS staff. Educating the mother’s and inspiring them  a seminar on Health for Women by Dr.Swaroopa  (Gynaecologist )is conducted. Competitions  like  cooking , Mehendi

To Commemorate the day on which sir C.V Raman discovered the Raman Effect , National Science day was  celebrated on feb 28th  by the students of CPS.The students were encouraged  to promote their active involvement  in science related activities and experiments , to know the latest developments in the fields of science and technology.A Science exhibition

Chitturi Public  School commenced Sankranthi Celebrations in the School Premises conveying the importance of the festival to teachers and Parents  aiming  to  promote traditions and culture of harvest festival. The School arranged a two day fest  and encouraged children to participate in Bommala Koluvu , the staff  had Rangoli Competitions.The Parents of CPS  were involved in

Red is a very emotionally intense colour. The celebration of Red day was an incredible learning activity of colour identification. Red signifies love, compassion. To mark this day very special-C.P.S celebrated Red day by the blooming kids of the kinder garden on 25th January. The students and class teachers dressed up in red. Their classrooms were decorated

Colours make our world bright, impressive, and splendid. Colours are the smiles of Nature.C.P.S kindergarten children celebrated yellow Day on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019Yellow Day is celebrated to make the kids aware of the colour yellow, its significance, and to develop the excellent motor skills in the students. Yellow is the color of the sun, and