At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.


Our early year program offers "A Rich, Challenging and Stimulating Curriculum Designed To Generate An Enthusiasm For Learning And Value It As A Life-Long Process." The Early program is founded on the belief that all children are naturally curious and disposed to learning. They are creative, imaginative, energetic, and resourceful. The focus of the curriculum aims to capitalize on these natural dispositions by providing meaningful, authentic activities in which children can become absorbed, committed, and successful. Our youngest children are a fundamental part of our community and make a significant contribution to the educational experience of our school. We believe and consider that every child has the right to their own learning experience and who must be supported by the teaching staff to fulfil their potential for this vital stage in their life while preparing for the challenges in higher grades. Our curriculum allows children to build a relationship with their surrounding environment in such a fashion, which inculcates. Borders for the nations, not for the thoughts. Our children are encouraged to explore, constructive understanding, elaborate connections, and the art of expression. As child progress through these in Early Year Setting, this is supported and developed directly, which are needed as they move onto Primary School.