At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.


Our curriculum is intended to provide loads of potential from Primary school that leads to tertiary education. The first stage of secondary education built on fundamentals, typically including a subject-oriented program with activities that shape the child engage in fun learning. Here subject-oriented program prepares them for tertiary education with more emphasis on the skill-oriented subject and also offers them to shine during their higher education. The scope of subject coverage in middle and high school, including a considerable extent through activities like listening, writing, presentation, group discussion, lab assignments give more exposure on each individual to understand the concepts precisely. To dive this up, we made our teachers follow the lesson plan with the freedom of carrying the expression in their way. In addition to the primary, we have a bit rise in middle or high school in the book reading, group discussion, writing the summary, and enormously framing questions makes them think critically to reach an informed conclusion and incorporate all of the information into a cohesive essay. The shift of practical approach makes them comfortable further anywhere. The more comprehensive program aspires to provide professionals with a deeper understanding of social learning, mindfulness, ethical development, and positive practicing, budding adults to society.