At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.


  • Multipurpose hall – Seminars | Workshops | presentations | Interschool competitions.
  • Play area for pre-primary.
  • Sports to nurture inherent sporting skills – Basketball| Volley ball| Chess.
  • Close integration of online and off-line learning.
  • Balanced education to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility.
  • Well ventilated spacious classrooms.


The library is one of the best assets for an educational institution.

We believe in creating curiosity in students towards the library is one of the best gifts we can give to our students. Students could access the whole library. Each shelf is filled with huge information.

Library with 2000 volumes of books, periodicals, journals which cover a panoramic spectrum of subjects to satisfy an urge to learn and curiosity to add to acquire new knowledge to stay tuned with the latest in the world.

Every student has their book reading target.

Computer Lab :

The students of CHS avail the space to initiate integral tools and develop analytical skills and learn Programming Skills.

The Labs are equipped with updated software’s and multimedia, LAN  facility. Two labs,i.e. Primary Wing  Lab and Higher Wing Lab are found in CHS. Each lab is equipped with 16 systems, speakers, projectors, headphones.

Science Lab :

CHS Science lab resources provide students to avail hands-on – experience and capture student imagination and inculcate science in their day to day life.

 It is equipped with Compound microscope, test tubes, prism, beakers poly, funnels, watch glass, conical flasks, spirit lamps, lenses and mirrors, “U” tube, magnet needles, vernier caliper, screw gauge, Skeleton Model Plastics, Chemicals like copper sulfate, Hydro Chloric, Sulphuric acids, Lab chemicals, and Glassware apparatus.

Library :

The Library is the second temple for learning where the students can empower Knowledge. Many Volumes of books like Storybooks, Facts and Knowledge books, Magazines, Subject Enrichment books, Books of Logical Thinking, Puzzles, Reasoning books, Reference books, Novels, Comic Books, Language Development Books. Epics, Auto – Biographies of famous leaders.

Indoor & Outdoor Play Area :

A healthy mix of Indoor and Outdoor games play area ensures Physical fitness in students ,which is the  prime motto of CHS.

The Sports Director equipped the Play Area with Volley balls , Badminton rackets ,Basket ball rings and balls ,tennikoit rings ,net, hand balls net and hand ball,leziums, wooden dumbles , discs , javelin poles, cricket bats, stumps  stand, relay batons, T.T rackets, carom boards, basket ball goal net , cones , hoop rings, shot puts ,Olympic torch.

Math Lab:

CHS Maths Lab is a place for students to explore and discover solutions .It is designed to make math concepts interactive and engaging way. With help of Math lab students can learn easily and improve their Mathematical Abilities and remove the phobia towards the subject and develops the visualization.

It is equipped with number activities, number operations, types of angles, types of triangles,13 factors – 66 Playing Cards Sets, Pythagoras Theorem , 3- D Shapes (Wooden)

Wellness Room :

Chitturi High School Wellness Room serves a safe heaven to students and staff. Mental health  of students is very essential in this competitive  academic environment of the school to feel relaxed when ever they feel overwhelmed.