At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.

Principals Message

Learning and acquiring knowledge are the essential elements students must accumulate. Knowledge is King, man’s greatest asset, supreme god, the safest treasure that provides fame, prosperity, happiness. It’s knowledge, not wealth, which is adorned by kings.

A man with Knowledge will be treated rightly in society. One can procure knowledge through learning it so long, that’s the reason why it is a never-ending process.

To play our part in inculcating knowledge and the zeal to children, we provide ample and diverse learning opportunities and an enabling atmosphere for the children. Shaping young minds is one of the biggest challenges today and we are equipped to accomplish it.

 At Chitturi High School, we strive to nurture our student’s latent talent to prepare them with strong discerning minds and persistence to learn and explore throughout their life.

 We understand that the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-evolving global society.

The school provides an atmosphere to our students for holistic development, where your wards are driven to channelize their talents in the pursuit of excellence.

 To enable this, we provide a holistic and student-centric environment. We are dedicated to identify and encourage each student to cultivate talents, skills, and abilities so that he/she is equipped to reach the pinnacle of his/her potential.

Our teachers act as facilitators to the children to be equipped with the confidence needed to encounter hurdles in life.
Apart from the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, Chitturi High School endeavours to make the best possible efforts to implant strong ethics and values in the children.

Further, we aim to transform every child into a confident and self-reliant citizen. We encourage accountability so that our teaching methodology improves constantly and transforms learning into a joyful experience.

A child harnessed in an atmosphere that has every hope and the possibility of becoming a responsible, balanced and mature adult and can live in to contribute to and shoulder responsibilities as a citizen who is an integral part of society.  The foundation of our school is the constant cooperation among the students, staff, and parents.


Principal (CHS)

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1K.NagaJyothiM.Sc, B.EdAcademic Bearer
2P.HarikaB.Com, M.B.A, B.Ed Academic Bearer
3A.SudhaRaniM.Sc Academic Bearer

Telugu Department.

4T.PadmavathiM.A, B.EdTGT (Telugu)5 & 6
5A.SrideviM.ATGT (Telugu)7&8
6R.SriLakshmiM.A, B.EdPRT (Telugu)3 & 4
7Sk.DurgaM.A, B.EdPRT (Telugu)1 & 2

Hindi Department.

8P.SailajaM.A, Ph.D, M.EdTGT (Hindi)6,7 & 8
9A.Latha Dhana LakshmiM.A, B.EdPRT (Hindi)3,4,5

Maths Department.

10T.Naga LakshmiM.A, B.EdTGT (Maths)5,6
11K.MadhaviB.Sc, B.EdTGT (Maths)7,8
12D.SathyavathiM.B.APRT (Maths)3,4
13P.Usha RaniB.ScPRT (Maths)1,2

Science Department.

14Ch.L.Gnana prasannaB.Sc, B.EdTGT (Science)6&7
15P.Venkata RamaniM.B.ATGT (Science)5,7
16Rafiza KhathunB.A, B.EdPRT (Science)3,4
17B.Chandini BaiB.Tech, M.B.APRT (Science)1,2

Social Department.

18Y.SandhyaRaniM.Com, B.EdTGT (Social)8
19B.Lalitha DeviM.A, B.EdTGT (Social)6

WE Department.

20D.Sunitha DeviM.A, B.EdTGT (WE)
21K.Venkata SivaKumarM.F.ATGT (AE) 1 TO 8
22K.SowjanyaB.ScTGT4 to 8

Other Department.

23Rubina SyedM.ComPRTU.K.G
28M.Uma BharathiB.ComPRTL.K.G.
29K.V.K.DurgaraoB.C.AComputer Instructor1 TO 8
30N.DharmendraB.P.EdPhysical Director1 TO 8

Admin Staff.

32S.NirmalaB.ComOffice Bearers
33R.HaritaM.ComParent Counsellor
34J.RohiniB.ComOffice Bearers
35K.SainathM.ScOffice Bearers


Wellness Teacher1
Math Olympiad Trainer1