At CHS, we believe in holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with the school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve“

Early Learning

Our early year program offers “A Rich, Challenging and Stimulating Curriculum Designed To Generate An Enthusiasm For Learning And Value It As A Life-Long Process.” The Early program is founded on the belief that all children are naturally curious and disposed to learning.

Primary School

Primary education in Holistic methodology provides a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills which they will use throughout their lives. Our curriculum designed to set maximum effort to make the child understand the fundamentals of each subject, which will act as a backbone in the near future.

High School

Our curriculum is intended to provide loads of potential from Primary school that leads to tertiary education. The first stage of secondary education built on fundamentals, typically including a subject-oriented program with activities that shape the child engage in fun learning.

Skill Development

Our activities are designed to make the abilities of the student more stronger and allow the student to discover themselves. We believe that self-discovery is the primary tool that leads the students to choose their suitable path.

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Chitturi High School provides excellence through holistic education for students from kindergarten to class 8.