At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.


Primary education in Holistic methodology provides a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills which they will use throughout their lives. Our curriculum designed to set maximum effort to make the child understand the fundamentals of each subject, which will act as a backbone in the near future. The fitted curriculum develops child independence, self-confidence, and self-discipline, which finally leads them to an enquiring mind, an enthusiasm for learning, and to ‘Find out more.’ This is the zone where a child will broaden their horizons of knowledge. This gives courage to the child to face challenging activities with curiosity and allows to shape their critical thinking. The activities not only fetch educational knowledge, but they also make a child strong to sense themselves and value their own identity and as well as respecting the others. Throughout the primary level, our curriculum bridges between subject discipline are fostered and developed to build transferable knowledge, understanding, and skills. We try to keep their dreams and attention live for exploring, learning, and expressing in education, gaming, books, artworks, etc.