At CHS, we believe in a holistic education. Here, education is fascinating. Our teachers love their profession and obsessively passionate about teaching. At CHS, children fall in love with school. Students are encouraged to explore. Our students learn to “Achieve”.


Our activities are designed to make the abilities of the student more stronger and allow the student to discover themselves. We believe that self-discovery is the primary tool that leads the students to choose their suitable path.

Spell bee: Usage of the right spelling is an essential part of early learning. Spell bee is a well-known method for improving language skills, i.e., reading, pronouncing, and writing in students.

Puzzles: Puzzles are the tricky mind games that make students put all their concentration on one work and make their thinking faster and sharper. It is a super exercise for brain mussels.

Quizzes: Quiz is one of the best ways to encourage the students to learn more valuable information with logic. Improves coordination among students in a team.

Poem writing: Poem writing is an excellent skill one should possess. Fortunately, this is proven to be taught and learn. It gives command on the language.

Debates: Debates in the classroom allows the students to communicate with other students. It also gives confidence when the student gets into the debate, and they will learn to talk in a group of people. This also teaches the student how to face criticism.

Group discussion: The best opportunity for a student to learn “adapting skill”. Here in the group discussion, the student will learn how to agree and disagree and how to say yes and no. Meaning, the student understands the way to deal with the situations and will also gain knowledge from others.

Book review: Book reviewing is one of the best methods to make the students read, process the information, and narrate effectively. It allows the student to judge a book in their views.

Soft skills: We believe that soft skills are what makes a person stand unique in society. The more skills one possess, the more they stand out.

Public speaking/ Elocution: Ability to face the live audience of a huge group face to face. It needs a different approach and techniques to be implemented to create interest in the audience.

Tongue twisters: Tongue twisters are the necessary exercise to the tongue mussel. It gives more confidence to the student with the speaking flow.

Essay writing: Encouraging the student towards researching and collecting the right information is the best way to elevate their paper presentation skills.

JAM: JAM (just a minute) session creates a great time sense in students. Delivering their ideas in a given time in a pleasant way is the primary goal of this skill.

Creative writing: Creativity is what the world is craving for. The desire for creative stuff never ends. Our students have an excellent opportunity to learn creative writing skills by implementing effective writing techniques.